PRICELESS - August 31, 2012

Take this quick test. There is no right or wrong answer depending on how you look at it.

·         How often do you just hang out? (Examples: clubbing, shopping, talking on the phone, texting, watching TV, just doing nothing, etc.)

·         How often do you work on personal or professional development? (Examples: reading, research, networking, conventions, classes, etc.)

·         How many mini-skirts or party dresses for women and for men jeans or t-shirts do you have in your closet?

·         Men, how many power suits with nicely starched shirts & ties and women how many power suits or dresses do you have in your closet?

·         What was the last thing that you texted?

·         What was your last Facebook or Twitter Post?

Get where I’m going with this…

What Is Development and Empowerment Worth To You?

MasterCard came out with its Priceless Campaign in 1997 with the understanding that the value of a payment card lies in the hands of those who are making the purchases—consumers. As such, MasterCard continuously works to create campaigns that will resonate with cardholders and reinforce their loyalty and trust in the MasterCard name.

Marketing Goal: The Priceless campaign emphasizes MasterCard payment cards as the best way to pay for “everything that matters.” As one of the most recognizable campaigns to hit the market, Priceless has enabled MasterCard to build and maintain strong brand value and trust among consumers.

The Priceless platform houses everything from MasterCard’s renowned Priceless advertisements to consumer-based card promotions and competitions. Priceless ads run in 110 countries and in 51 languages, and focus on using a MasterCard card for what matters most in life.

Target Audience: Consumers

MasterCard has done a great job because I’m sure we all can remember a priceless commercial and if not the commercial, the meaning in its self says it all. Shouldn’t we see life as MasterCard has? Shouldn’t our own personal and or professional development and empowerment be Priceless?

Something that I’ve recently been paying close attention to in the social media arena is the pictures and post that show up daily. They range from what you did last night, what you are doing now, what you are going to do tomorrow, to where you’re going, who you are going with and so much more. Some stuff that is just too personal and other things that truth is told, no one wants to hear. That’s a topic all by its self. But what I have also noticed is someone could post an advertisement for a party or some type of entertainment and the response hits the roof. People will post it to their page, share it with friends, accept the invitation and shop until they drop to make an unforgettable impression on all in attendance. Now that same person can post a Networking Night or development night and you may get a few hits. You may even get a few people to share the information and accept the invitation.

My question goes back to the MasterCard Priceless commercial. What is Priceless to you? On any given day one can read how unhappy someone is at their job, how hard it is too fine a good companion or even look at the picture to see what some could even consider soft porn. Thankfully there are some who understand that it’s important continue to grow and develop. As the world continues to change so should we. Who knew that at a Conference, Convention or Networking event you could hear about a new job, meet a new friend or even a love connection, get a new recipe, and yes even get a drink or 2, maybe even dance a 2 step. My point being is personal and professional development is needed because it make you rounded, not just a half circle. Having fun is good but can’t we do them both and grow in the process.

What a way to build confidence instead of shopping for the hot party dress to hit the new Bar or Night Club, shop for the sharp professional or business casual outfit depending on what the occasion is of course and step into a room of Powerful people knowing that you able to stand toe to toe with the best of them. Believe me, it is a rush! The energy is enlightening! You will want to do it again.

My Challenge to each and every one of you today is choose your PRICELESS moment and if you are not doing it already attend something empowering. What are you passionate about or what excites you, get in the productive company of people with that same passion and excitement, then come back and share your experience with someone else.

“She's The B.O.S.S” - August 13, 2012

Hello and welcome to ZEAL ENTERPRISES, LLC. My name is LaKita Berry, I am the Owner and CEO of ZEAL ENTERPRISES, LLC. ZEAL is an all inclusive service company that's made up of a team of planners, chefs, chauffeurs, floral, web & graphic designers, marketers and photographers. Our team is ready to provide complete consulting and coordinating services for corporate events, holy unions, anniversaries, family reunions, themed or birthday parties, launch parties, trade shows, festivals, meetings and conferences. Whether a client requests assistance in event concepts, catering, floral design, transportation, or decorating and planning, ZEAL possesses the experience and the team that will surpass the clients' expectations.

This year we are launching She's The B.O.S.S. Radio and Entrepreneur Festival. This will be an Empowering event as we welcome the CEO & Fonder of Carol's Daughter Lisa Price to share her story and expertise as B.O.S.S.

If you are a B.O.S.S. (Business Owner Steadfast & Strong) you are in the right place. We’d love to hear from you or see you on November 16th (VIP Reception) & November 17th (Festival). We Know that you will walk away with a WEALTH of information that will empower and inspire you.

Thank You,
Always remember … In Everything That You Do, Do It With ZEAL!