2011 Festival

"I attended the 2011 first annual Woman’s Business Festival hosted by Zeal Enterprise at the Baltimore Convention Center. I was impressed with the host speaker Omar Muhammad and the variety of guest speakers on the panel. The interaction between the panel and the audience Q&A was unlike any other conferences I have attended. They offer real life solutions to questions asked as well as making themselves available after the end of the session. Thank you for bring attention to details often missed by startup businesses and to those of us who thought we knew what it means to be an Entrepreneur. I can wait to see what the 2nd Annual Woman’s Business Festival has in store."
Love it,

"The Experts were very interacting with the audience. I came to support the vendors and although I’m not looking to be an entrepreneur, I now know that it takes more than just a dream! My hat’s off to all of the women who press toward the Mark of Entrepreneurship! Thank You for sharing your struggle!"
Marie Bracey

" I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and professionalism during this year’s festival.

It is so refreshing to receive a prompt and professional service. I do wish you every success with future events as you deserve it."
Thank you again,
Loretta Williams

"I have been impressed with your approach and, from what I have seen to date, I have in fact already forwarded this event to both potential entrepreneurs and attendees."
Great Job!
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